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As promised before the summer, Novaluna renews the Best Collection with 9 new models of upholstered bed and with the new fantastic versions of the highly admired Elysium.



Aurelia, Cassia, Tecum, Thesis, Ginevra, Monza, Firenze, Venezia and Zip are the names that you will learn to know and that will keep you company in the coming years with their surprising and innovative lines, with the coverings updated to the latest trends in design and manufacturing technique, with the proverbial Novaluna handmade quality.

Beds completely Made in Italy as the company policy wants: from conception to production, everything is made by Italian craftsmen with care and passion to ensure well made, durable, beautiful and classy beds.

Aurelia and Cassia are "twin" beds, they are similar but with details that make a big difference. Rationalist taste and metal elements, orthogonal stitching, available with fabric, leather and eco-leather coverings that highlight a linear design perfect for contemporary environments.

The personality of the upholstered bed Firenze finds an element of great identity in the leather straps and metal buckles that decorate the upper padding, available in both quilted and flat versions. The headboard, in an optional version separated in two and reclining, offers incredible comfort and versatility. The slim-profile base is also perfectly suited to smaller rooms.

Among the models with high headboard, Ginevra stands out for its very special vertical division: the central elements have a more padded and soft profile than the ends, an aesthetic trick that gives additional comfort and a pleasant rest. The side inserts, in wood or metal, are a detail capable of deeply changing the identity of a bed, in this way able to embellish contemporary environments as well as the more classic ones.

The outline of one of the world’s most famous car circuits echoes in that of the upholstered bed that bears the name of the city that hosts it. Monza is a magnificent heir to the great tradition of Italian design and craftsmanship. Details such as the pronounced stitching that design the interior silhouette draw the line beyond which only true masters are able to create.

In all its headboard variants, Tecum upholstered does not betray its mission: comfort. Fresh and dynamic lines to give air and movement to environments projected into the future and with a particular attention to practicality: although the shape of the base is so light and bright, a large capacity storage unit is available.

The two large cushions that make up the headboard and the very special metal feet that embrace the base are the features that most characterize the upholstered bed Thesis. Linear and soft, it responds perfectly to the canons of a highly refined furniture that does not renounce comfort.

A distillate of romance that will take you every day to imagine being lulled by the calm waves of the canals of the most enchanting city in the world. The upholstered bed Venezia with its wide and enveloping headboard will give you wonderful nights and enchanting awakenings. You will feel like you are always on vacation.

Zip. One bed, one hundred ideas. A super versatile system that gives you the possibility to choose the perfect bed for everyone: for the kids' or guests' room, for the central wall or for a corner, with the storage unit or the second pull-out bed or the birch drawers.

After having had great success since its presentation at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2019, the Elysium System sees its line enriched with new variants. Novaluna with Elysium Velvet and Elysium Chester demonstrates how a successful project perfectly matches contemporary contexts as well as more classic ones. The headboard with the pleated fabric of the Elysium Velvet is a touch of great class to which the capitonné of the Elysium Chester rebuts, a union between future and classicism that challenges perhaps outdated design categories.

Alongside the new models and new versions, the Novaluna catalogue is enriched with new coverings, complements and optional extras for a more and more complete and innovative offer, with quality standards always very high but at the right price. Follow us, contact us, share our posts. We will go a long way and have many dreams together.